The Beechwood Process

We help to guide you through the different stages of the building process, acting as your building partner the whole way through.

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The decision to embark on your own new home journey is an exciting one. But what happens after you have made that decision? Where do you start?

Choosing to build with a “project home builder” such as Beechwood is a very personal decision but it can be a less stressful and more economical way to build your new home.

We can help to guide you through the different stages of the building process, acting as your building partner the whole way through.

Understanding the building process is important in order to know where to start, and how to get into your new home quickly and successfully. 

1. Finding your land 

Beechwood is happy to work closely with you whether you have bought your block, are still looking for it, or have decided to go with one of our Home and Land options.

Finding the perfect location for your new family home is important to the success of the overall build. Beechwood can assist you with this process and expertly advise on land features and availability.  

Remember that a cheaper block to purchase may be a more expensive block to build on. 

2. Visiting a display home and a personal consultation 

After making the decision to build a new home, it is important to come and see our homes at one of Beechwood's display home locations where you can speak to our specialist Building and Design Consultants and organise your free personal consultation. 

During your personal consultation, all stages of the process and your expected requirements will be clearly explained so you will know exactly what is happening, and what is coming up next. 

3. Choosing your new home 

After carefully considering your own personal needs and wants, it is time to decide on exactly what you would like your new home to be in terms of design, aesthetics and colours. 

Once you have decided on your new Beechwood design and character, our team will put together a formal proposal so all details can be clearly outlined. 

4. Signing the contract 

Your acceptance of the contract gives us the go ahead to start building your new home.  

There is a small window of opportunity at this point to make changes to your contract but be sure to do this quickly as further charges will be incurred and delays may result for alterations made after this time.

5. Commencement of construction 

Being able to see your new Beechwood home evolve is a really exciting part of the construction process. 

6. Handover processes 

Before you can begin enjoying your new Beechwood home, we need to finalise everything in what we call a client presentation and handover.  

During this process it is important to inspect your home and give us relevant feedback.  

Once everyone is happy, you can move in your new home! 

7. Build a new life with your family 

The best part of the construction process is the finished product. Sit back and relax in your new Beechwood family home that has been purpose-built to enhance the quality of your lifestyle. 

Choosing Beechwood to be your project building partner is simple. 

Just visit one of our display homes or call us on 02 9765 0299 to chat to one of our friendly consultants.

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