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Beechwood Homes have long established their place in the Australian home building industry, and are known for delivering stylish and modern family homes all across NSW. Beechwood has been proudly building spacious and affordable homes for Australians for over 35 years.

There are a few truths that must be faced when building a new home and one of them is that not every block is easy to build on. Sometimes your block is just not the ideal shape, elevation or position to facilitate an easy process.

This is not uncommon and it is definitely not unconquerable. It does, however, require a little bit of ingenuity and little bit of flexibility. Beechwood Homes are here to provide that flexibility with a range of home designs and the professional experience to suit a multitude of challenging scenarios.

Purchasing a block that features a difficult aspect to its building envelope is sometimes a necessity when you consider the shortage of land that is released, the sky-rocketing costs of land, and the competitive environment in which land is bought in the current market. There are also the scenarios where the beauty of the block is its key feature, and the owners have chosen it more for its outlook than its suitability for building.

Beechwood specifically cater to those who have the now common issue of a narrow block, as we are seeing this on a daily basis with newer estate plans. Having a narrow block doesn't necessarily mean you will need to compromise on the design of your brand new home; you just need to tweak it a little to suit the space you are working with. Particular examples of homes designs to suit these requirements include the Cienna, the Sauvignon, the Lexia, and the Chianti. There is also the option of choosing a home from our double storey range which can often significantly reduce the frontage required from a building block.

The friendly Beechwood staff are happy to advise you when it comes to best design to suit both your family's needs and the requirements of your block. Drop into one of our display homes or give us a call on 02 9616 0999 today to see how we can help solve your challenging build dilemma.

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Beechwood Racing at the Formula One

Round 2 of the 2016 Australian GT Championship takes place in conjunction with the Formula Ones at Albert Park, Melbourne this weekend.

The Beechwood entry driven by Nathan Antunes and Elliot Barbour will again be in action.

After some disappointing results in Adelaide where the team finished 6th, 22nd and 22nd in the 3 races at Clipsal the team will be looking to bounce back. Incredibly, in the third race Nathan jumped from 22nd position to 9th position in just one lap and then up to 2nd place, before a car problem saw the team get lapped behind the opposition.


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This week’s Melbourne event will be contested over 4 x 30 minute races. The current schedule is:

Thursday (17 March)      Race 1 – 6.15pm

Friday (18 March)             Race 2 - 11.25am

Saturday (19 March)       Race 3 – 12.05pm

Sunday (20 March)          Race 4 - 11.35am

We wish Nathan and Elliot all the best.


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If you have started looking for your brand new home, you will either be totally excited or totally daunted by the decisions you are facing. Where do I build? What do I build? What do I want to live in?

Deciding on the details of your home can be really difficult when you are trying to consider your family's comfort and lifestyle – especially when marrying the elements of their personalities to tangible things such as double or single storey, number of bedrooms, and location. Knowing what you want is not always an easy road to travel and can often be an overwhelming and isolating experience.

Thankfully, the home designs at Beechwood Homes offer a variety of alternatives to suit every family. Our homes offer ultimate flexibility with a range that accommodates single or double storey needs, narrow or expansive blocks, and a varying array of inclusions.

We also build in an extensive reach of locations including the central growth areas of the north and south coasts of NSW, the greater Sydney metropolitan area, the central west, and the Goulburn district. This choice of locations can also open up alternative lifestyle options for you and your family, especially those seeking a more relaxed and inclusive way to live.

It is easy to get too close to such huge decisions, making it impossible to always see the best solution to your needs. Our friendly staff are here to help when it comes to tackling your home choices head on. Beechwood Homes' staff have countless years of experience when it comes to building functional and comfortable homes so we can help with advice and a fresh set of eyes on everything from colour choices to layouts that suit your family.

If you are feeling daunted by deciding on your new home, drop into one of our display villages. The power of physically experiencing how a new home feels may just give you the inspiration you need to really understand what you want from your brand new home.

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The 2016 Australian GT Championship gets underway in Adelaide on 3 March 2016, and Beechwood Homes will again support an entry.

Beechwood has once again linked up with Nathan Antunes, who will be joined behind the wheel by Elliot Barbour.

Nathan has changed manufacturers from Audi and this year will be sitting in an awesome looking and sounding McLaren 650S GT3, supported by TEKNO Autosports. McLaren recently took out the 12 hour race at Bathurst last month so Nathan and Elliot are confident that they have a car that can deliver several pole positions and podium finishes.


This year, the GT3s will be competing in two championships, a sprint series over 6 races (which starts in Adelaide this week) and an endurance series over 4 races (which starts in a few months).

There is a full grid for the first race in Adelaide, which includes 3 other McLaren 650Ss (including one driven by TV personality Grant Denyer), 6 Audi R8s, 5 Mercedes AMGs, 3 Lamborghini R-EXs, 2 Lamborghini Gallardos, 3 Porsches, 2 Ferraris, and 2 BMWs including a brand new BMW M6.

This week’s Adelaide event will be contested over 3 x 40 minute races. The current schedule is:

Thursday (3 March)          Practice and Qualifying

Friday (4 March)              Race 1 - 11.55am (Sydney time)

Saturday (5 March)          Race 2 - 9.10am (Sydney time)

Sunday (6 March)            Race 3 - 8.30am (Sydney time)


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Nathan returns to Adelaide as defending champion after winning last year’s round with two victories and a third place. TV coverage will be provided on Fox Sports 5 (Channel 506) in conjunction with the V8 coverage.

We wish Nathan and Elliot all the best for the coming season.


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Bushfire is a major challenge for our communities, and hot summers coupled with strong winds are a major concern each bushfire season.

When building on bushfire prone land, there are considerations that go into the design and construction of the home.

Given that many new estates are located near or adjacent to bush land, Beechwood Homes are knowledgeable in building in bushfire prone areas and work closely with qualified consultants to ensure that additional needs are factored into design and construction.

In the aftermath of the Black Saturday Victorian bushfires in 2009, all Australian states have committed to policies to ensure Australian homes are built from materials that have the best possible chance of withstanding moderate bushfire exposure.

Further regulations as part of the Australian Standard AS 3959 have imposed specific zonings, called Bushfire Attack Levels. The Bushfire Attack Levels, or BALs, are a set of distinct material, design and construction specifications for each area in Australia according to their inherent threat of bushfire. These standards take into account the potential for ignition caused by burning embers, radiant heat or flame generated by a bushfire as well as the expected intensity of the bushfire attack on the building. Each BAL has been designed in consideration of the extreme weather and natural phenomena consistently encountered throughout Australia's variable landscape.

As a general rule, the closer your home is to bush land, the greater the chance that additional requirements will be needed. It is first necessary to determine a 'Bushfire Attack Level' for new homes near bush land.

The building requirements for house design and construction vary according to the bush fire attack level that a development falls into. The building requirements for each BAL are set out in Australian Standard: 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas 2009 (AS3959).

When building your new home with Beechwood Home, we work with consultants and local authorities to ensure your new home is being built to the correct BAL standard and will pass any complying requirements.

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Beechwood Homes is this year proud to celebrate six years of building the Genesis range of homes for families throughout NSW.

Specifically designed for first home owners, the Genesis series of homes offers a wide range of individual styles, single and double storey's, all built with the famous Beechwood quality.

With the needs of your modern family in mind, these homes and can be individually customised to include 3, 4 or 5 bedroom home designs with theatre and study rooms.

Each Genesis home comes with the Genesis Indulgence package, extras that help you feel immediately at home in your new Beechwood home. Many of the extras are a subtle addition that just make you more comfortable, wide vanity in the bathroom, extra overhead space in the kitchen, flyscreens and remote control garage opening. Small features, but together they truly help to make your house, your home.

Beechwood Homes are proud to build complete traditional family homes with a generous list of inclusions. Our Genesis Indulgence range of inclusions offers more than just the basics; it provides a comfortable home for your family.

The Genesis Indulgence Package doesn't cost you any more, it is included into the price of all the Genesis series homes.

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Image shown above is the laundry in Beechwood Homes' Seacrest design, on display at Housing World Shell Cove.

One of the most important things to think about when designing any practical room such as a laundry or kitchen is the roles of form and function; making something look good, but still work well is the dream of every home designer.

Many people often forget about the humble laundry when planning their dream home, some compromise on space while others overlook the fundamental need for storage. It is definitely a difficult balance to strike! A good laundry rarely receives the praise it deserves, a good mixture of storage and bench spaces support the washing and drying appliances meaning that the chore of laundry is that little bit easier every time.

Some great possibilities include pull out folding tables and fold down ironing boards, as they make the folding and sorting of clothes a breeze. Ensuring there are adequate power points is a common after thought, so considering how many appliances will need power, plus any extras (sometimes you might want to charge a phone or plug in some music) is a good tip. Also, clothing racks that let you hang and air clothes are worth their weight in gold if the weather is a little damp out. These can be installed underneath a set of cupboards or over a folding bench.

bwh-icon  Click here to view the virtual tour of the Seacrest by Beechwood Homes

Big drawers that can hold baskets or built in laundry buckets are some more fantastic ways to keep the laundry area looking neat and tidy. Of course it won't always so a big sink for soaking whites and washing off mud is another handy feature.

There really are so many options when it comes to creating the perfect laundry for your dream home.

Beechwood Homes have a broad range of home designs, all of which provide an ideal amount of space for your laundry requirements. However it is always good to think of your own personal needs to ensure your newly built project home's laundry is tip top! Our FlexiBuild option means that all our designs can be tailored to suit your family's needs.

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A new home brings with it much more than brand new walls and floors. When building a new place to live, home owners can find themselves having to assess how much space they need for storage both now and into the future. What to keep and what to throw out? It isn't always as simple as two piles or out with the old in with the new. Add on top of that a growing family and all of a sudden that big home is starting to get a little bit crowded.

Making sure your new project home has enough storage for the many stages of your new life is the safest answer. An extra bedroom or guest room is a first step in the right direction, not to mention the many benefits of a two car garage. Other features such as extra storage built into busy family areas like the laundry and kitchen can be a god send over the years.

Beechwood Homes' Lakeview Grange Thirty One has a combined living area of over 270m2, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a generous spread of living, lounge and dining areas. The Lakeview Grange is a great home for big families that plan on getting bigger! To find out more about our Lakeview Range contact our team here.

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With the new calendar year well and truly started, thoughts turn to New Year resolutions and plans. The first few months of the year can be a great time to start planning your new home for 2016, with the time to visit display homes and go through plans and designs that will most suit your family and how you like to live.

Beechwood Homes are here to make the whole building process simple, from matching the right block to the floor plan, to the design and the construction of your new home, we are here every step of the way.

Building a new home doesn't have to be a year in the planning, however each step of the process can take time. The more planning and preparation you do in the lead up to construction means less delays waiting for decisions on things like fixtures, colours or tiles.

The summer break is a great time to sit down and start planning your new family home. Contact Beechwood Homes or visit one of our display villages across Sydney and NSW North and South Coast.

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For generations, coastal lifestyles have been viewed as an unaffordable luxury to the larger part of the population due to location, housing affordability and employment prospects. Beechwood Homes are pleased to say that this notion is becoming a thing of the past when you consider two of our prominent building locations: Shell Cove and Twin Waters.

Offering an affordable yet comfortable lifestyle, these two South Coast developments offer the best of coastal communities but also provide excellent access to transport, employment and services. Extensive developments in the area include a massive $1.5 billion combined residential, marina and community and recreational infrastructure upgrade which make Shell Cove within reach of an exceptional range of features and facilities.

Shell Cove is located less than 30km from the thriving city of Wollongong and only about 90 minutes from Sydney. Living at Shell Cove means being located within minutes of local beaches, natural attractions and the ample facilities of Shellharbour City.

Shell Cove blends the beauty and lifestyle of living by the coast with the convenience and opportunities of multiple community facilities and prosperous business precincts.

Twin Waters is located in South Nowra, an area well known for its natural beauty and about 2 hours of Sydney. With extensive facilities in the nearby city of Nowra, Twin Waters provides easy access to transport, health and shopping alternatives.

Twin Waters has been developed with a commitment to outdoor living. Surrounded by natural bushland, Twin Waters features beautiful walking tracks, cycle ways, parks, BBQ areas and fitness stations to encourage your active lifestyle. Living at Twin Waters facilitates an easy coastal lifestyle. Each block is large enough to build your new home, have a backyard, and still have space to park a caravan or boat. Offering the best of both relaxed coastal living and the growing opportunities of the city of Nowra, Twin Waters can offer your family a life you’ve only dreamed of.

These two estates are representative of the Beechwood commitment to affordable, yet quality living. We are proudly partner builders in both Shell Cove and Twin Waters and feel that we are actively helping to build these communities one home at a time.

If you are interested in either of these estates, Beechwood Homes feature a display home at both of these locations. Come and have a chat with one of our friendly staff to see what Beechwood and a coastal lifestyle can offer you.

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